60 x 36 Elite Watertech Whirlpool Bath Includes Top Overflow and Drain

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60 x 36 Elite Watertech Whirlpool Bath Includes Top Overflow and Drain
60 x 36 Elite Watertech Whirlpool Bath Includes Top Overflow and Drain
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60 x 36 Elite Watertech Whirlpool Bath Includes Top Overflow and Drain
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Unmatched leg room and bathing width, in a 36in. whirlpool bath, the 6036 Elite whirlpool bathtub has a deeper water depth. With two sloping arm rests and additional leg room.

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60 x 36 Elite Watertech Whirlpool Bath Includes Top Overflow and Drain is currently not available, but we thought you might be interested in these related items:
Product Details
Unmatched leg room and bathing width, in a 36in. whirlpool bath, the 6036 Elite whirlpool bathtub has a deeper water depth which is a result of placing the overflow on the top of the bathtub’s deck and extra bathing width is achieved by decreasing the bath’s top deck and adding the space into the bathing well. This tub has two sloping arm rests and additional leg room by sculpturing the foot end of the tub with two gentle curves. Watertech’s exclusive top overflow design allows all Elite baths to be filled within 2 inches of the top of the bathtub insuring the bather gets an extra deep full body massage while a Jacuzzi- style bathtub with a standard side overflow has a water bathing level 4in. – 6in. inches below the top of the bathtub. All Elite models come with a free Top Overflow/Drain assembly in your choice of finish: Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze (often called Venetian Bronze), Chrome or Polished Brass). Please specify your choice of finish when ordering.

The water jets are fully directional and the jet’s scalloped face can be rotated allowing the bather to increase or decrease the water flow and pressure from each jet. A three speed control (high-medium-low) is standard on all combo baths giving the bather complete control of the water flow and pressure from all the water jets simultaneously. For your comfort all back and neck jets are recessed in all Watertech whirlpools and combination bathtubs. The water lines on combo baths are rigid PVC, U.L. certified for 100% drainage assuring a clean and sanitary massage experience each and every time the bath is used. A free pulsating jet is provided with each combo bath and can be easily interchanged with any water jet in a matter of seconds. The pulsating jet is a feature usually found only in hot tubs and spas. The tub’s measurements are 60in. in length and 36in. in width.

The pump, variable speed heated air blower and jacuzzi style bathtub shell all have a Lifetime Warranty! Watertech’s optional Fill and Drain faucet is extremely popular on all our baths and only available from Watertech.
  • Size: 60" x 36"
  • FREE! Pulsating Jet - Interchangeable with any jet neck, back, foot, etc. ($55.00 Value)
  • Pump: 3 h.p.p. Lifetime Warranty
  • Hydrotherapy Spa Jets: 11
  • Operating Level: 65 gallons
  • Includes on/off switch
  • Includes 3 speed pressure controller (A $75 value)
  • Plumbed completely with rigid schedule 40 PVC pipe (no flex hose)
  • Shipping Weight: 150 lbs; please call for shipping rates to your location
  • An extended spout is needed if spout is wall mounted
  • Drain included in tub price - specify finish
  • Tub shown with optional polished brass trim
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LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY ON WATERTECH WHIRLPOOL BATHS WARRANTY COVERAGE: Watertech Whirlpool Bath(the Company) offers the following expressed limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of any Watertech Whirlpool Bath who purchases the Bath for personal or single family residential use (user): The Company will repair or replace, at the sole option, the Bath or its equipment in accordance with the following terms and conditions.

Lifetime Warranty
On Baths: 
The Company extends to the original purchaser of the Bath anon-transferable limited warranty that the shell will maintain its structural integrity and configuration and be free of water loss due to a defect in the tub shell. The warranty covers only the tub shell and the manufacturer installed pump. Our limited warranty on options and accessories is for one year. Warranty coverage begins on the date the option or accessory was originally purchased by the user.

Warranty Limitations: Our limited warranty does not cover defects, damage, or failure caused by the common carrier, installer, user, or other persons, pets, or rodents, or resulting from, without limitation, any of the following: careless handling(lifting unit by plumbing, abrading finish, etc) including its own negligence;modification of any type for any reason (including specifications provided with the unit): connections supplied by the installer of the equipment; improper voltage supply or unit without specified minimum amount of water or at inappropriate water temperature; use of abrasive or improper cleaners; or acts of God, such as lightning, floods, earthquakes, etc. In addition, THE COMPANY WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES or losses arising from the cause (e.g. water damage to carpet, ceiling, tiles, marble,loss of use, etc).This limited warranty does not include: labor,transportation, or other costs incurred in the removal and/or installation of the original unit and/or installation of a replacement (unit; any costs relating to obtaining access for repair; or loss of use damage, including loss of sales, profit or business advantage of any kind under any circumstances.Warranty coverage is provided in the United States of America.

Responsibilities of others: Inspecting the unit prior to installation is the responsibility of the installer or building contractor who acts on behalf of the user. They are responsible for ensuring the unit is free of defect or damage. Notices are placed on and in the unit and on the shipping carton advising the installer of this responsibility. In the event of a problem, the unit must not be installed.The Company is not responsible for failures or damage that could have been discovered, repaired, or avoided by proper inspection and testing (including proper water testing) prior to installation and before final enclosure failure to do so voids warranty.

Damage occurring in transit is the responsibility of the carrier. The user or installer MUST open the crate and inspect the unit for damage when it is delivered. If damage is discovered, it must be reported immediately to the seller and the carrier. Your freight claims should be filed promptly thereafter.

It is the responsibility of the installer, building contractor, or user to provide access for service. The Company is not responsible for any costs relating to obtaining access for repair. The user shall bear such costs and, if appropriate, must seek recovery from the installer. Damage occurring to the unit during installation is the responsibility of the installer and/or building contract to rand damage occurring thereafter is the responsibility of the user. For the customers benefit, the Company maintains a list of independent service personnel to perform required warranty service repairs. Such firms are not agents or representatives of the Company and cannot bind the Company by words or conduct.

Tubs are Manufactured to Order:

Returning a Watertech bath requires a return authorization number from WBOverstock. Tubs ordered incorrectly (size, color, etc.) should not be returnedbecause costs to ship and return a tub are substantial.  Customers have 48 hours after receiving a bath(excluding Saturday or Sunday) to request an authorization. Cost to return atub will be the responsibility of the individual who ordered the bath. Tub mustbe delivered to shipping agent in original packing material. Refunds will onlyoccur after inspection at the Tennessee Factory.

Tubs delivered damaged or defective are covered under Watertech'sinspection and claims Procedure shown below. Also in the procedures found inthe Receiving, Installation & Operating Information provided with each tub.This information is also available online at www.WatertechTN.com

 Most problems can be avoided bycalling Watertech Toll Free: 800-289-8827 prior to - or just after - ordering. Hoursare Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm EST. The authorized Watertech agentsare Shane McCracken and Mo Nichols. Tub delivery can take up to 2 weeks;however, shell construction starts almost immediately so do not wait to call.


The biggest difference between a whirlpool bath and air bath is the type of massage it provides. Whirlpool baths provide a high-pressure, aggressive deep tissue and joint massage. Whirlpools are often found in hospitals, athletic training rooms and physical therapy facilities. A whirlpool bath is extremely beneficial in treating muscle sprains, damaged joints, back problems and aches and pains that arise from time to time as we age. Both The New England Journal of Medicine and National Arthritis Foundation have recognized and endorsed the benefits of whirlpool baths (hydrotherapy) in the enhancement of circulation, which is very important to anyone suffering from the affects of arthritis and diabetes.


  1. The only company that offers customers the option of adding or moving jets. One interchangeable pulsating jet supplied witheach bath.

  2. 3 Speed control allows simultaneous adjustment of jet massage intensity (high, medium, and low)

  3. Acrylic bath tub shell has a lifetime warranty select from designer colors including hard to find marble and granite selections.

  4. Custom pump locations available for all models. Place the pump where you need it for accessibility. 2HP and #HP pumps are standard and carry a LifeTime Warranty.

  5. The only manufacturer that provides a steel reinforced floor and motor mounting platform.

  6. Automatic air valve is installed at each jet which maximizes jet pressure.

  7. Rigid PVC pipe for all waterlines insures pipes drain 100% which insures a clean, sanitary system. No sagging pipes to trap water when the bath is emptied. Certified to U.L. and ANSA standards.


  1. Single air control supplies air to all the jets and produces irregular jet pressure.

  2. No option for moving or adding extra jets. NO pulsating jets supplied.

  3. No custom pump locations, with smaller pumps, and limited warranty.

  4. Tub floor is supported with wood or plastic which will warp and flex.This leads to noise, cracks and leaks.

  5. Flexible vinyl lines sag and trap water when the bath is emptied. Vinyl lines are not code compliant and are clamped on not glued to each jet which again is not code compliant and can result in leaks.